Our Policies

Absenteeism Policy

The below states that we do not offer catch up classes unless exceptional circumstance permit. This is an industry norm. Please make  a concerted effort to attend all classes. We have scheduled a specific space and time for the student and our employees depend on the attendance of the students to earn a stable income.

  • Please note that lessons that are missed (without notification) are forfeit. We will try to catch up missed classes in exceptional circumstances. This will only apply if there is space. We are not liable for any lessons that a student may miss unless we as the swim school cancel those lessons. Exceptional circumstance exclude parties, concerts, poor time keeping and other personal arrangements.
  • As the swim school we will not consider a catch up lesson request of any nature unless prior notification was given to the school.
  • We consider prior notification as contact via email or phone with the swim school 24 hours or longer before the scheduled class is to commence.
  • The school is closed during public holidays. The lessons for those days will not be caught up.
  • Should illness interfere with a student’s ability to attend a lesson, a doctor’s certificate stating the student’s ailment and impact to swimming and prior notification is required if one wishes to catch up that lesson.
  • If the student is going to have an extended period of absenteeism due to illness or physical injury, a doctor’s certificate stating the student’s ailment and impact to swimming is required. It should be noted that in this event; only 4 lessons will be made up.
  • Any make up classes missed/ Cancelled will then be forfeited entirely.
  • All outstanding make up classes must be made up within 4 weeks of the missed lesson.
  • Make up lessons do not replace normal classes or reduce fees.
  • It is not the responsibility of Little seahorses swimming school to follow up with catch up lessons needed. It is the sole responsibility of the client to inquire about slots available for catch up lessons within 4 weeks.

Lesson Policy

  • Each lesson runs for 30 minutes at a designated time. Attendance is expected from the start of the lesson to the end of the lesson. Should the student arrive late for the lesson we will only allow that student to swim in their allotted time slot. Ie; lessons will not be extended due to late coming.
  • It is good practise for the student to use the restroom before the commencement of the lesson so as not to disrupt the other students and instructor. We will allow restroom breaks if required.
  • Students are not permitted near the pool area before or after their swimming lesson. Children accompanying the student will not be permitted in the pool area and cannot enter the premises unless accompanied by a responsible adult. No child is to be left unattended in the facility
  • The guardian or parent of the student must remain on the premises while the student’s lessons is in progress.
  • Parents/ guardians/ spectators will be expected to wait in the waiting areas during lessons unless there is a viewing lesson day. This is to ensure that there is minimal distraction and noise in the pool area.
  • If an instructor has taken leave or unable to attend lessons there will be a qualified instructor to take their place.
  • Pool rules are to be followed strictly by all parties. This is to ensure the safety and well-being of all students. The pool rules are as follows:
    1. No running or horse play what so ever
    2. No children are allowed in the pool area unsupervised
    3. Adults and children not participating should remain in the designated waiting areas.
    4. Please inform the instructor of any ailment or injury that a student may have.
    5. Contagious ailments are not allowed in the pool are.
    6. Good hygiene should be practised in and around the pool area.
    7. Everyone must vacated the pool and pool area in the event of lightning.
    8. Swim nappies should be worn by children under the age of 3 years, even if they are potty trained.
    9. No smoking in the pool area. This includes vaping, pipes and other tobacco products.
    10. Spitting, biting and hitting will not be tolerated.
  • If a swimming lesson is cut short due to any reason. Dry lesson activities will replace the usual practical lesson.
  • From time to time dry land or theory lessons will be planned. This is to give the students a full understanding and education regarding aquatic sports.
  • Full swimming gear is required. Ie, full piece costume or swimming trunks and rash vest, swimming cap and towels. Swimming caps are non optional and will be worn while in the pool. This includes males as well. Goggles, nose plugs and ear plugs are optional. The swim school will not provide any swimming gear of any kind unless for purchase.

Payment Policy

The below states clearly all matters pertaining to fees and factors affecting fees. We are aiming to maintain stability for the school and it’s employees.

  • Fees are calculated based on length of time, group or private lesson, number of students from a family and nature of the lesson.
  • Payment of fees is expected in full and in advance by the 4th of every month.
  • Late payment will result in the suspension of swimming lessons. This will be in effect after the 4th of every month. Students will be refused participation in lessons until fees are settled. Tuition is paid on the basis of enrolment. Not attendance.
  •  The school will have periods of closure. The client will not be charged for closure periods. Fees will be adjusted accordingly. This excludes public holidays.
  • If the client should take a holiday- lasting no less than 2 weeks-during operating periods- the school will not charge the full month’s fee. Rather the school will charge 50% of the monthly fee to enable the client to reserve the slot they occupy. This will only be done with 1 month’s prior written notice and permission.
  • Fees are subject to annual increases.
  • To facilitate timely and consistent payment; the school encourages the clients to place a debit order for their fees. The school will offer a 3% discount off the monthly fee if evidence is provided proving the debit order.
  • The school offers discounts for the following: enrolment of 3 or more members of the same family, debit order and attendance of more than 2 lessons a week. Discount rates and percentage are subject to change.
  • Little seahorses swimming school does not offer refunds. Instead the client will be given lessons that total the amount owed by the school.
  • Enrolment will only be guaranteed once full payments of registration and monthly fees have been completed and proof of payment provided by the potential client.

Security Policy

The swim school and surrounding area on the premises are monitored by CCTV. This is for the safety and security or the children, clients and staff that are on the premises.

  • CCTV Footage will not be distributed under any circumstances unless requested by a person of legal authority in keeping with the relevant statutes or by the owner of Little Seahorses at her own discretion within the confines of the law.
  •  All requests for footage must be made by a law enforcement officer.
  • Erection and storage of CCTV cameras and footage comply with the statutes and legislation of the Republic of South Africa pertaining to the matter.
  • The premises have changing facilities that are not monitored and should be used. Should a parent or guardian fail to use the change rooms for their intended purpose Little Seahorse Swim School will not be held liable.